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Dated: 12/15/2017

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    The saying a picture is with a thousand words has been around a while. Who would have ever thought that there would be internet, computers, smartphones, and social media to share so much content so easily? Being a real estate agent in a vacation destination I deal with people all over the place. Technology is great in helping me do that! I can pull out my phone and snap a picture or video and show you exactly what I am looking at that very moment. 

    Here are some of the pictures I have taken of Christmas lights on 30A to share on social media for those who follow me.  Instagram: jonathan._hill30AIsWhereIPlay  Facebook: Jonathan Hill, Jonathan Hill at 30A Local Properties, 30AIsWhereIPlay LinkedIn: Jonathan Hill

    Seaside has all of the palm trees that circle the amphitheater wrapped in lights. Also there is a tree on the stage of the amphitheater behind the post office. Neither of those made it in the picture below but are worth mentioning. 

Seaside christmas

Seaside Home Search

    Alys Beach has a wonderful street presence on 30A no matter what the time of the year with the icons, palms, hedges, and perfectly manicured grass. There is no guessing at what point you enter the neighborhood or when you exit. This time of year the decorations start with wreathes strung from the icons that span from one side of 30A to the other overhead. In the center of Alys there is a large Christmas tree with gifts below, and all the palms are wrapped in lights.

Alys Beach Christmas

Alys Home Search

    Rosemary Beach is my favorite on the Christmas light front. All of the trees in the town center are wrapped in lights. It takes a lot of man hours to get that many lights up. It is worth seeing in person. The pictures do not do it justice. There is also a Christmas tree on the post office side and statues of nutcrackers and such but the oak trees with all the lights are my favorite holiday night sight on 30A. 

Rosemary Beach Christmas

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