Meet The Millers

Dated: 03/24/2017

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Meet the Millers

David and I are not "bloggers" and would typically spend a lot of time thinking and planning about what to say.  It would never be perfected and it would never be finished so today I'll begin my first blog and talk about South Walton Life for the Millers.  I grew up in Blountstown, its the teeny tiny town  you drive through if you go from here to Tallahassee, and truly thought I was moving to a city when Dave and I married and decided to make Point Washington home.   I was wrong- South Walton is still a small town, the growth over the last 5 years is tremendous, but I still see friends and neighbors when I visit the shops or Publix and love when the stores are full of visitors.  (I may be the only one that loves waiting in line at the grocery, but after operating a business that depended on tourism, I respect it)

David and I have always worked together, through our corporate years, then into our construction company, opening our Coffee House, and now in Real Estate.  We just got lucky and found our "person" and wouldn't let some little thing like a "job" keep us apart.  

Our home is Point Washington is really something, Its definitely not the most expensive or fanciest home in the neighborhood, but its ours and we call it our "oasis".  Everyone needs that in their lives and I think thats my favorite part about working with buyers.  Helping them find what fits them.  Its not easy.  Some buyers have no idea what they want and shop for homes with their heart and are searching for a "vibe", while others are looking at the numbers only, meaning "how much does this home cost, and how much can I rent it for?".  

What makes us 30A Locals?  Thats easy- David is a 52 year local, as is his mother, who lives next door to us, and his aunt who's home is across the street from us. As were their parents, and their parents.  Me?  I just married a local over 10 years ago but did grow up visiting the area and am thankful everyday for the decisions in life that brought me to the place I am now.

We have 2 daughters, 3 cats, and 3 dogs.  One daughter, Savana, shes's turning 16 next month, came with me when David and I married, and attends South Walton High, and the 2nd daughter, Audrey is almost 9 and attends South Walton Montessori Academy right here in Pt. Washington.  The cats were my decision but the dogs were David's.  They are LOVED and Hated every day but they are part of the family so I deal.  I complain, but I deal.

Oh, and lastly, we love coffee.  Call us anytime to talk real estate, or for a coffee date.  Or call us for a coffee date to discuss Real Estate........


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David and Leslie Miller

South Walton became my home over 12 years ago when David and I married and chose to settle and raise our children in Point Washington. His family has deep root in the community and I feel lucky to li....

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