Low Inventory Around 30A

Dated: 05/28/2018

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Looking for a home or lot along 30A? Inventory is low making it the right time to list your property. Whether its a lot or a fixer upper, property values are in a great place to get back your investment and then some. To get real results, however, you need to enlist an agent who is familiar with the area, its communities, schools and local government. Not only does listing your home or lot with a realtor help protect you during the selling process, you also get real marketing and advertising at your disposal and it costs nothing to you upfront. A really good, hard working agent will take you listing process and selling process with ease! Research track records, ask friends, and be sure to feel comfortable with your agent, because this person becomes your 'go to' and will work on your behalf  during the entire process. The process includes photography, listing in MLS and reaching out to agents on the new property, writing and reviewing contracts, scheduling inspections, working with the lenders and title company to get you to the closing table. Here is a recent listing and sale that only took 7 weeks from listing to closing and seller was able to get very close to his asking price and the property is a great investment for buyers making over 40K in rental income per year! A win- win! 

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Kim Maxwell

Kimberly Maxwell, a fourth generation in Walton County, knows the community and its wonderful lifestyle firsthand. Although she was born in NYC, moved to NC in her high school and college years, her m....

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