It Is A Good Morning In Grayton

Dated: 09/14/2017

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I am working in my Grayton Beach office today, a change from my home office. Tall windows let in bright blue skies , broken up with beautiful, white clouds. The air has been cooler since Hurricane Irma passed through and it reminds me of my favorite time of year. I am hopeful that this cool air will stay, although I hear it will heat up again soon. Warm or cool, I am grateful for another day in paradise. 

I made some calls to some clients this morning, some I've known for years and others I've just crossed paths with. 

The first was a contact I've had, just browsing property but hadn't spoke with him in a while. Gave a call. Before I knew it, we were laughing, talking about getting him and my husband together to play music and also talking about prayers for his daughter. Calls like this one make my day, I mean truly. When I can hang up the phone and feel more joy after speaking with someone, all is right in the world. 

The next call was a to see how a client had weathered the storm, oddly enough, north from us! They house gigantic oak trees on their property and they spoke of their nerves as they watched them sway back and forth like it was nothing. They did well, their neighbors were with out power for days, and local damage had been reported. Our conversation turned to memories of his time in Grayton Beach in the earlier 90's and Destin in the 70's! I drank up all the stories and imagined what those days looked like back then through his words. He talked about real estate regrets, opportunities in areas where you would "be crazy to buy". Well, crazy is relative.  I learned his uncle was a photographer in the 50's and 60's here and may have incredible photographs  of our area! I mean, total blessing! I hope to one day see those!

These were just my first two calls today. As Bobby Johnson always says, "It has nothing to do with Real Esate but everything to do with Real estate".

I love my job because I stay connected to my clients through my area AND stay connected to my area through my clients. 

I have hopes to step back in time through pictures, some Dread Clampitt Cd's and Big Prayers all going out this week! 

Enjoy this great day! : )

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