Interviewing An Agent To List Your Home

Dated: 05/19/2019

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Real Estate Agent Interview Worksheet

Agent Name: ___________________________________ Years’ Experience: _____________________________ Average Time to Sell: __________________________

Agency: ______________________________________ # of Homes Sold Last Year: _______________ Average List-to-Sale Ratio: _______________

 How well do you know my area? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

How will you market my home? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Will you tell me what I need to hear? __________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

How do you deal with issues that come up? ___________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What happens if I'm not happy with the job you are doing to sell my home? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Name: __________________________ Name: __________________________ Name: __________________________

Phone: _____________________ Phone: _____________________ Phone: _____________________

Email: _________________________ Email: _________________________ Email: _________________________

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