Blossoms Booties And Beachgoers

Dated: 03/28/2018

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Image titleWinter 2018 was tranquil, fun, and actually chilly. Residents brought out the Mountain Hardwear down jackets, booties, and warm gloves quite a few mornings--they pride themselves here in the Panhandle for truly having seasons-- and reveled in the peace and quiet and relative accessibility to local eateries and driveability of 30A and 98. 

But now the morning air is laced with the fragrance of spring blooms, and the sunrise is pink pearlescent again, and another spring is upon us. Wisteria drapes like a lacy mantilla along the paths, and miniature white blossoms on the ground cover promises a bountiful harvest of succulent dewberries in April (yes, you can eat them; yes, they are exactly like blackberries; and NO I'm not sharing where the best patches are!) The sage-colored blue lupine will soon be bursting forth with the periwinkle blossoms that guided sailors for centuries around our section of the Panhandle. 

The tourists are here, swarming Seaside and Rosemary and Gulf Place, in their bikinis and Jeeps and on e-bikes that scoot them effortlessly up the hill in Blue Mountain Beach. They are cheerfully waiting in line at the Creamery and Frosty Bites and the Donut Shack, being good sports about the still frigid pools and Gulf of Mexico, but managing to get sunburnt all the same. 

This Sunday a couple thousand dedicated souls will drag beach chairs onto the sand at Ed Walline and soak up the revelry of Hope Lutheran's Easter Sunrise Service while the white cloths on the three stark wooden crosses soar in the morning wind. Spring is indeed here, and the tranquility and peace of winter is gone like pine pollen on a breeze; it's time to put the boots away and bring out the flip flops and deal with traffic and noise and crowds and another glorious busy season. I wouldn't have it any other way. 

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