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I had a situation arise where a customer told me that buying and selling a home is just business.  Maybe you are like me as I don't believe even for a minute that buying or selling a home is just business. For most people buying or selling their primary home, vacation home or even vacation home they will rent is personal and emotional. Successful real estate agents I believe engage on both the emotional and business level in executing transactions to find solutions on all levels. Further, the business process is the vehicle or tool that enables you to execute the deal, not the deal itself. The “deal” is much bigger than that. Thus, buying and selling a home is emotional on both the Buyer & Seller. It is one where agents must be very aware of their role and the role of their counter parts in the transaction to ensure that closure is attained not aloof and hands off just watching timelines. You can be right as rain, a stickler for details and lose a deal on principle or you can adapt and make allowances that proactively address emotional situations and shepherd the deal to closing. Working the deal with the ebb and flow of emotions and ushering the business process along to a timely conclusion.

I put together a spreadsheet to highlight what I am stating. What do you think?

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