Dated: 05/26/2017

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Way to go!! Congratulations Freeport High School, staff and students!!

Recently reported in U.S. News, Freeport High School earned a silver medal in the national rankings, based on state required testing and preparation for college.

Rankings are based from a 4 step process.

The first 3 steps ensure schools serve all students well, using performance on math and reading from state tests and graduation rates.

The school must pass the first 3 steps to be considered in the rankings.

The 4th step is based on how well the school prepares students for college.

For more information you can find on the following link http://

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Kathy Price

Born and raised in Alabama, Kathy's family chose this area of Florida to vacation more often than not. So, at an early age, she developed a love for this spot of "Heaven on earth". When her boys grew ....

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