Stop And Smell The Rosemary

Dated: 03/09/2020

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"There's rosemary, that's for remembrance. Pray you, love and remember." -W. Shakespeare

Rosemary. The Latin Name, Rosemarinus, means "dew of the seas".

We pass by it often without appreciation, as we do with so many seemingly small blessings.  Rosemary is one of the easiest herbs to grow and delivers a wealth of benefits, if only we would take advantage.

It has been said that a rosemary plant will never grow more than six feet tall in 33 years so as not to overtake Jesus' height.  Did you know the "mary" in rosemary comes from Jesus' mother, the Virgin Mary?  I knew it was my favorite.

The amazing aroma rosemary brings can awaken you and it refreshens any space.

Rosemary is an herb with many uses and it grows abundantly in our region of the United States, most notably along 30A.  It is mosquito and deer resistant, drought tolerant and loves sunny locations, even in the hottest of places.  It's a lovely addition to any landscape or southern garden, as it thrives in our sandy Florida soil.

Rosemary has been used for thousands of years in a variety of spiritual, medicinal and decorative ways.  It has been used in many cultures and some religions for protection and to get tid of negative energy.  During medieval times, rosemary was burned in order to "smoke out the devil", a way to smudge and cleanse an area.  It has also been used for luck and can aide in circulatory health, bring focus to your brain, can soothe your spirits and create a sense of alertness without the stress response.  A benefit we could all use.

Whether you are cooking with rosemary, cleaning with it and using it for decor ~ rosemary is a gourmet gift to us.  I believe food is medicine, and using healing herbs like rosemary in our food choices is a fabulous way to yield benefits from the gifts God gave us in plants.

Below is a simple recipe for rosemary salt.  Sprinkle it on your favorite recipe and ENJOY!

Rosemary Salt Recipe

1 cup kosher salt

5 dried rosemary stems

strip leaves from rosemary stems | discard stems
combine salt & rosemary in a small food processor
pulse until mixed well | store in air-tight container

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When you are out and about along 30A, I invite you to take note of the rosemary around you.

Pinch off a sprig.

And remember.

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