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Dated: 06/04/2019

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Do you follow the real estate market? Certainly, the impact an unsteady market had on the national economy in 2008 is well-known, begging the question: Will this happen again? More specifically, what is the future of the 30A real estate property, and will the current uptick continue on?

On this episode of 30A with Bobby J, we answer your questions on the real estate market:

  • Will the current uptick in home prices continue?

  • Is the market really more solid than in 2008?

  • Is a market adjustment on the horizon?

  • What is the future for the Walton County market?

  • Have prices risen, fallen, or remained flat?

  • What’s the current median home price?

In addition to answering your questions, we’ll also be sharing some cool data points from the local 30A market and our own observations. For more information, and to learn more about your specific situation, visit www.30alocalrealestate.com. After the show, please feel free to submit your questions on the local 30A real estate market, we’d love to answer them in our next show!

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Bobby began his real estate career 20 years ago with St. Joe’s residential Real Estate sales company Arvida. They eventually sold that division to Coldwell Banker where he quickly became one of the ....

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