What Is Your Negotiation Style

Dated: 08/03/2019

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One of things that pulled me to real estate was the human element. I love people and part of that is the negotiating and developing the trust and rapport with others. My background is working with people and there is nothing sweeter than seeing a win-win situation, even with our kids. Think about it, we are being selling or sold every day and not just real estate.

Most people expect the other to come around the way they think not thinking the person they are talking to is thinking the same thing. Which brings us to, which of the five basic negation styles describes you? [Source: Shell, R.G. Bargaining for Advantage]

  • Competing: Individuals who use the competing style enjoy the opportunity to win! These individuals have strong instincts for negotiating and are strategic. These tough negotiators may go for the win at the expense of the relationship.

  • Avoiding: Individuals who use the avoiding style do not like to negotiate and don’t do it unless required. They tend to defer and dodge confrontational aspects but are often perceived as tactful and diplomatic. (Not returning the phone calls)

  •  Compromising: Individuals who use the compromising style want to close the deal by being fair to everyone. These individuals and their style may be good to use when there is limited time, but they may often unnecessarily rush the process and concede too quickly.

  • Collaborating: Individuals who use the collaborating style enjoy negotiations, especially those that require creative solutions. These individuals are good at using negations to understand the other party’s interests and concerns. They can, however, unnecessarily complicate simple transactions. (the over-thinkers)

  • Accommodating: Individuals who are the accommodating style enjoy solving and preserving personal relationships. They are sensitive to others, including other party’s emotional state and body language. (the peacemakers)

Maybe we can all see ourselves and others in these descriptions or maybe a blending depending on the party or the situation. After all, no two people, situations, or deals are the same. Happy negotiations.

Kat Andrews
30A Local Properties

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Kat Andrews

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