The LOCAL Advantage

Dated: 05/14/2019

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How important is it to work with a local when looking for real estate? Is it important to work with the big box shops that have the money and the gloss? Sometimes it’s hard to know which will be more advantageous to the buyer and which is the best positioning as an agent.

On this episode of Bobby J on 30A, we’re talking about the LOCAL Advantage. Bobby has been in the industry for 20 solid years, in this episode we’re talking about what makes a good realtor, especially with respect to today’s trends of massive, global real estate mega-conglomerates and franchises.

Listen as we discuss the importance of working with an agent who’s experienced within your market, including our proprietary LOCAL advantage approach:

  • Location and its history

  • Organic and specific

  • Community knowledge

  • Advertising tactics

  • Leads and database

Of course, it’s not a competition between franchise and boutique, but if you’re in a boutique environment, certainly consider these as true assets. If you’re a buyer, you can use this list to help with realtor selection.

Listen and hear all the details to the LOCAL Advantage that has lead to tremendous success for the 30A Local Real Estate Group and visit to see the video available on the approach.

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The BobbyJ Team

Bobby began his real estate career 20 years ago with St. Joe’s residential Real Estate sales company Arvida. They eventually sold that division to Coldwell Banker where he quickly became one of the ....

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