How To Build A Relationship Based Business

Dated: 04/09/2019

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On this episode of Bobby J on 30A, we’re talking about how to build a relationship-based business. It’s easy to get distracted in the age of technology with so many new gizmos and gadgets, but to build a lasting business, relationships may be the only reliable means to carry you through. Listen as we discuss:

  • Why you should be high-touch in a high-tech world

  • How to build relationships when you’re more task-oriented

  • How to think about how you can help clients in unsuspecting ways

  • What the foundation of any good relationship is

  • Why relationships are undervalued in the digital age

Ultimately, knowing what to do next when building a real estate business is tough, given all the options for success in our tech-driven world. We can make the right choices, however, when we lead with decisions that are centered in creating, maintaining, and growing relationships. For more information, including Bobby’s latest hot 30A properties, visit

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Bobby began his real estate career 20 years ago with St. Joe’s residential Real Estate sales company Arvida. They eventually sold that division to Coldwell Banker where he quickly became one of the ....

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