Three Routines To Get The Most Out Of 2019

Dated: 01/08/2019

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How will you conquer your real estate practice in 2019? Perhaps surprisingly, the first step is getting a rock-solid morning routine in place.

As Laird Hamilton said
, a successful day begins with reliable rituals. Laird is maniacal about sleep, water, warming up, tidying up and making time for family. Of course, essential routines and rituals will vary from person to person. The secret to success is making these routines non-negotiable and consistent in your day.

In this episode of Bobby J on 30A, we discuss why the first hour determines whether you win the day. Listen now as we discuss:
•Three non-negotiable morning routines to establish in 2019
•How working on the personal pays dividends professionally
•How routines develop fortitude and follow-through
•What Bobby J’s non-negotiable routine looks like
•How habits and routine influence our state of mind each day
Before you can start tackling your big goals for 2019, it’s critical to make space for peace and harmony in your personal life to set a foundation to excel. After all, what you do in your personal life spills over into your professional life. Listen now to being shaping your essential routines and get Bobby J’s backstage pass for the hottest 30A real estate tips of the week.

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