Freeport From A Busy Past At Turn Of Century To A Modern Day Hub

Dated: 09/26/2018

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Lots of visitors through the years have passed through our tiny town of Freeport- not knowing that the town is really an incorporated city in Walton County and is rich with history. In fact, its just a few miles north of our beautiful beach communities that get so much attention and most travelers better not blink or they'll miss it and don't take notice of Freeport. Freeport was a main industrial and goods transport hub in the early 1900s and families that are still in this county today established the area as home and continue to love it and have stayed even through the hustle and bustle of the beaches. 

But the sleepy little town is about to explode! With the 4 lane US Highway 331 from Interstate 10 complete, a new four lane bridge that crosses the Choctawhatchee Bay, it is inevitable that corporate businesses are starting to take notice of this "corridor" to the beach! I remember when Miramar Beach finally opened a Winn Dixie and we didn't have to travel to Destin to buy groceries. That was a turning point, Miramar boomed, became four lanes and every business that were located in the larger metropolitan cities started to take notice of the area and established businesses in Miramar Beach to east Destin and built up the area so fast that we couldn't even absorb the progress that it brought to our area. The same will inevitably happen to Freeport! Publix is in, Dairy Queen is in, McDonalds broke ground and businesses are buying up all commercial properties that are popping up along the 331 corridor. Hammock Bay, Windswept Dunes, Bear Creek, Lagrange Bayou are just a few of the subdivisions builders are completing to bring affordable homes to the workforce that travels to the beach communities for their daily work. Land is still affordable now, but won't be soon. Builders are scooping up land to build affordable housing. There is still wide open space and large chunks of land available. Here are a few  investments to look over.

Builders and Developers looking to Freeport for property for subdivision! This is the one - 40 Acres zoned rural village - two homes per acre = 80 homes. Price has been lowered to $1.25 million and and backs up to Hammock Bay and convienently located off West Bay Loop Road. City utilities available. Make your offer now before its gone!

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Kimberly Maxwell, a fourth generation in Walton County, knows the community and its wonderful lifestyle firsthand. Although she was born in NYC, moved to NC in her high school and college years, her m....

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