To Every Thing There Is A Season

Dated: 08/21/2017

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"To Every Thing There Is A Season And A Time To Every Purpose..."

There are seasons of birth; New babies, fresh businesses, a crisp turn of the school year, new personal plans and goals. 

There are seasons when we plant; we plan, organize, meditate, hit the street and jump out on faith. 

There is a time to gather your harvest; accepting what you have worked so hard on, hoping there is a crop. 

There are seasons just for healing, mourning, breaking down, just as there are seasons of building up, togetherness and laughter.

There will be times to keep silence, and many times to speak up.

It is important to give the proper time and respect to all the seasons in which we live.

There are even different seasons here locally. There is the popular "tourist season". Where, during the spring break and summer months,  new and returning joyful beachgoers  come to enjoy our amazing area. Some testing our waters for the first time, some making their annual trek, while others are enjoying their secondary residency. No matter their way, they're all reaping a well deserved break they've worked hard for during the year.

There is also the "off season". This is the time when the heat takes it's foot of the gas, the beaches have less footprints, and the roadways are a bit more fluent. We have a ton of people that come ONLY for this season! They want to beat the heat and enjoy this beautiful gulf coast, some escaping the brutal north winters, migrating south like true "snow birds". 

While some people think that summer is prime time for real estate sales, I can tell you that my previous fall and winters were full of clients saying, "After visiting this past summer, we HAVE to buy something now! We keep coming back here!" or "I've worked extremely hard all summer, and I can finally afford that down payment! I can quit paying rent for once and for all!"

I'm currently learning (and loving) to embrace all seasons. Studying, accepting and respecting them as they come my way. Knowing which season you are in, or at least trying, can change your perspective and even sometimes your journey. I believe I am currently in a season of gratitutde. A time to reflect on my many blessings. I look forward to all the seasons, joyful or tough, because just as the cold or quiet ones are in session, they are still bright signs of the bursting, full season yet to come. 

Whatever season this may find you, have a great one : )

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