Spring Break

Dated: 04/03/2018

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Spring Break… 

Ahhh yes, wonderful spring break. That time when a preview of what traffic will be like for this season begins. Teens leaving a few beer cans on the beach. Going to Publix is something similar to a scene from Fight Club. Thats not what I want to focus on though. This is when the weather is absolutely beautiful. Perfect cool mornings followed by “Sunny and 75”.  This is the time to take my son to the park as often as possible. He can actually enjoy himself without worrying about third degree burns from touching anything. My dogs love lounging in the sun and firing up the grill is a must. This is when I squeeze in as many patio dinners as possible. You can actually look over the menu to decide what to eat rather than using it to fan the sweat thats rolling down your face. (Surely, I’m not the only one with this problem). With that being said, I think I will squeeze a patio meal in now.

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James Sites

My story begins like so many others in the area. I vacationed here for years, each trip asking myself "When am I going to move here?" One day, my family and I did just that, and we've never looked bac....

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