Open Houses This Week In Santa Rosa Beach And 30A

Dated: 07/12/2017

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During this time of year, you have to move pretty quickly to get the offer in on your favorite home in Santa Rosa Beach, especially along beautiful 30A.  Whether you are looking for the perfect primary home, second home, or rental home, they are on and off the market quick right now!

How amazing would it be to serve your family and guests dinner from this kitchen?

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Or to walk out on the balcony to this view?

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These homes are available and ready for viewing along the 30A corridor.  Here is a link to see open houses this weekend, or call Stacey at (469) 734-7183 for private viewings of available listings.

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Stacey Petrucci

After years of vacationing along the Emerald Coast and falling in love with this beautiful area, I was fortunate enough to fulfill my dream to relocate here from Dallas Texas and live on the worlds mo....

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