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Three Trending Areas to Buy in South Walton

By Miriam Bornstein


Imagine waking up and welcoming the morning sun while gazing out at South Walton's glistening waves. Located on the Northwest Florida coast, South Walton is home to more than 16 communities stretching along 26-miles of breathtaking beach views. Whether you want to lay on the beach, engage in water activities or try the local food, South Walton is a popular destination for beach-lovers looking to purchase property by the Gulf.

Here are three trending areas to buy in South Walton.


Santa Rosa Beach

Many homes in Santa Rosa are equipped with coastal-inspired amenities, such as porches, wide-open windows and light-colored facades to deflect the heat. Residents and tourists can revel in the neighborhood's artistic communities, like Artists at Gulf Place, and enjoy the events, classes and colorful galleries they offer. Many of the most sought-after places to buy in Santa Rosa Beach are located near Grayton Beach State Park, Draper Lake and Hogtown Bayou, situated within close proximity to some of Santa Rosa's most popular art galleries. With a median home value of $471,500, buying a home in Santa Rosa Beach is more expensive than buying in Miramar Beach or Destin, but you'll live at the center of art and relaxation.


Miramar Beach

Miramar Beach sits along the Gulf of Mexico, boasting panoramic views and endless activities for all ages. Take a scenic drive along the beachfront, explore the coastal enclaves or dive into the turquoise water for an afternoon dip. If you're interested in shopping, Miramar is home to the Silver Sands Outlet Mall, one of the largest designer outlet centers in the country. While Miramar is more commercialized than Santa Rosa Beach, homes are cheaper, on average. With a median home value of $357,100, prospective buyers can score a home near attractions for golf-lovers, foodies and beach bums. Popular hotspots to buy a home in Miramar Beach are located near Seascape Resort and situated along the Emerald Coast Parkway.



Water is at the center of all Destin activities. Known as "The World's Luckiest Fishing Village,” Destin is home to a plethora of water-related activities, such as deep-sea fishing, parasailing, jet skiing and a water theme park. For those wanting to enjoy the water from a distance, check out Henderson Beach for stunning views and a meandering boardwalk. Out of the three trending areas to buy a home in South Walton, Destin is the most inexpensive, with a median home value of $322,100. Destin Pointe and Four Prong Lake are two bustling areas to purchase a home in Destin.


South Walton offers much more than art galleries, stunning beaches and watersports. Beyond the miles of pristine beaches, South Walton is also home to state parks and more than 200 miles of hiking and bike trails. Whether you're looking to buy a beach home for vacations or permanently reside in South Walton, any of these three neighborhoods is sure to delight. If you're curious to see other popular beach communities in South Walton, check out the list below:


·        Blue Mountain Beach

·        Seacrest

·        Seagrove

·        Seaside

·        Watercolor

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