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Dated: 05/17/2017

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One of the great benefits to living in a friendly localized community is that locals rally around other locals in need.  One such local favorite, Joleen Jones is a example of how our community rallies around their own.

Joleen was hospitalized with some serious health complications on a recent trip to Colorado.  She was there in critical condition for a couple of weeks.  When several Santa Rosa Beach locals missed seeing her smiling face at the usual places, many were shocked and alarmed to hear the news of sweet Joleen's peril.

Joleen is a massage therapist as well as a talented musician, and gives so much love and friendship to those around her.  She has a long road to recovery, and to help off-set her costs, a couple of benefits have been arranged to help.  One was held at Redd's Fueling Station in Blue Mountain Beach May 12th, and had a fantastic turn out!  T-Shirts with Joleen's smiling face sold out at at the event.  This Sunday, May 21st there will be an extravaganza held at Trebeache' in her honor from 4pm-9pm.  Live local musical performances by The Courtyard Saints, Mojo rising and many other local bands, and an auction to win a Klear Kanoo!  Proceeds from food, bar, cover, raffle and auction go directly to Joleen to help with recovery and medical bills.  All are encouraged to come out for a good time for an even better cause.  If you can't attend the event,  but would like to help there is a GoFundMe account set up for donations in her name.  Anything will help.

Take care of yourself and each other.  Life is better as a Local!

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