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Dated: 05/19/2018

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Here’s Free Advice And Services For My Friends And Clients To Help Save You

Valuable Time And Money.  Never Feel Obligated, I’m Here To Help…

Call (850) 499-5710 to Request any of the following:

Free Consumer Reports: (order one or all)

Special Home Seller’s Booklet: “7 Costly Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Your Home

Special Home Seller’s Booklet: “6 Steps To Sell Your Home For Top Dollar

Special Home Seller’s Booklet: “How To Make Your Home Show Like A Model Without

Breaking The Bank

Special Home Buyer’s Booklet: “8 Secrets For Saving Thousands When Finding, Buying And Financing Your Next Home.”

Special Consumer’s Booklet: “12 Revealing Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring ANY Realtor

Free Consumer Resources: (money-saving guidance is just a phone call or email away!)

Special Insider’s Market Analysis showing home features, listing and sales prices for the most recent homes listed and sold in my area or street

Free, no obligation Maximum Home Value Audit to determine the top dollar market value of my home, and share strategies for selling it fast.

Free, no obligation Advanced Home Locator Service where your computers will search the market on an on-going basis for homes meeting the exact features, prices and areas I’m looking for.

Price of a specific home that is listed 

Price of a home that has Sold

Ways to affordably finance my next home.

Recommended service providers

Thank You For Thinking Of Me!

Please let me know if someone you know is thinking of buying or selling a home soon, I will provide them with an outstanding level of service as a caring and competent agent. 

3 Ways To Contact Me For These Helpful Resources And Services:

             CALL My Direct Phone Line at: 850-499-5710

             EMAIL My Quick-Reply Address at:

             SEND This Form To:  30A Local Properties, Attn: Cavanaugh, 35 Clayton Lane, Grayton Beach FL 32459

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