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Dated: 06/12/2017

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WIth permission from a local insurance agent, I'm sharing an email that is important information for this time of year along the Gulf Coast...

“In The Box” with Homeowner’s Insurance

June 1 has a distinctive meaning to all Floridians, especially those along the gulf coast . . . it marks the start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season – including the warm waters of the Gulf.

According to Insurance Insights, Florida's 10-year hurricane-free streak was broken last fall as Hurricane Hermine made landfall near the coast of St. Marks. Nearly one month later, Hurricane Matthew made landfall over Haiti as a Category 4 hurricane, and continued moving on a three-day journey up Florida's east coast into Georgia and the Carolinas, causing damage that exceeded $729 million generated by 112,000 insurance claims. In total, Floridians last year filed nearly 130,000 insurance claims totaling roughly $800 million in losses. The question now is: If a storm were to reach Florida's shores next week, would your client be prepared?

A major part of “being prepared” is to make sure that your clients Homeowner’s insurance is up to date and Flood insurance is in place. As you know, the term “in the box” indicates that when a named storm is in or approaching the gulf or the Coastal regions of Florida, many Homeowners insurance companies shut down and do not bind new business. Call us at Term Brokers quickly . . . as soon as you hear of an impending storm. We represent many excellent A rated companies that may shut down a bit later and are “open for business” to bind insurance – it is, however, important that you and your clients react quickly.

As you know, Flood Insurance (separate from Homeowner’s Insurance) is optional, but may be more essential with the threat of 11 Tropical Storms and 2-4 major hurricanes this season

Tropical storms often produce widespread, torrential rains in excess of 6 inches, which may result in destructive floods. In fact, flooding is a major threat from tropical storms for people living inland. Flash flooding, defined as a rapid rise in water levels, can occur quickly due to intense rainfall. Longer term flooding on rivers and streams can persist for several days after the storm.Homeowner’s Insurance does not cover flooding.

Flood insurance is relatively inexpensive and is voluntary, so many overlook it, even though it's the largest single cause of damage to homes, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Term Brokers, represents the largest and most trusted flood insurers in the country. We are fully qualified to help your client find adequate and affordable coverage. Remember, flooding is not covered by your Homeowners Insurance. An important note: It takes 30 days for newly purchased Flood Insurance to become effective.

Thank you for your attention. Remember it is important to bind insurance as soon as possible . . . lest the coverage ends up denied and “in the box”

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Thank you Jana for this timely reminder!

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Hope this information is helpful to get you ready.

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