Dread Clampitt In The House

Dated: 05/01/2017

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If you have had the pleasure of visiting beautiful Grayton Beach Fl then you probably are pretty familiar with world famous, local favorite,  Red Bar. If you know the Red Bar well, then you may have heard the band Dread Clampitt. The blue-grass, songwriting, musical mojo slinging group have been playing together for 15 years! 

I have been a fan of the band for as long as I have known the area and I am VERY blessed to call one of them my husband, Kyle Ogle : )

The Red Bar, on any given night, is jumping with tourists, locals, live music, incredible drinks and food. Dread Clampitt performs in the 'Living room' of the restaurant playing in front of guests from all over the world, enjoying when some of those friends jump up and join in! They have many honorary 'members' of the band, special guests always jumping in and surprising the patrons. Sarah Evans has been a big fan of the band and enjoys this area year after year. This video shows just another example of the fun flavor and style of Grayton Beach, Dread Clampitt, The Red Bar and the South Walton beach life.

  This special video I also wanted to share. This was from a surprising Seaside Fl fourth of July show with Legendary Sam Bush. Storms and rain came rolling through that night and the power went on and off. The Band played on and the spirit of the people powered that beautiful holiday! A night few can forget! The spirit of this area is undeniable and a true blessing. 

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We are raising our family in the most beautiful place on Earth! Born and raised in upstate New York, I vacationed every summer in Destin Fl with my family. My grandparents had discovered this secr....

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